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YT Industries 2019 Jeffsy Promotional Film

Promotional Film|Phil Hawkins

Starring Hollywood legend Christopher Walken, YT’s campaign for the launch of its all-new 2019 JEFFSY marked the disruptive brand ratcheting its distinctive marketing up to a whole new level.
YT collaborated closely with its long-time creative and marketing agency, SHIFT Active Media, and Velvet Film Production to create the film for the launch of the JEFFSY in January of this year.
Just a little over 3 minutes in length, the piece eschewed all industry norms and focused not on the bike, its features and its potential capabilities, but instead on the deep, emotional connection between the rider and bike. To riders, the bike is their best, truest friend – and every scrape, every thrill and every trail conquered together deepens the bonds of friendship.
This unique connection was the foundations for the creative concept of ‘Friendship Redefined’ created by YT Industries, and developed by SHIFT Active Media.
To add further impact and surprise – going even further than the previous year’s game-changing Return of the Goat horror film for the launch of the 2018 Capra – YT secured the iconic actor Christopher Walken to deliver the powerful monologue in his legendarily captivating and charismatically haunting style.
Filmed in Connecticut, USA, and directed by award-winning Director Phil Hawkins, the piece is now close to 1 million views and has inspired many new YT owners to discover their own friendship with JEFFSY.


Phil Hawkins




3 minutes 22 seconds